TheRoad51 (45K)

This album was born in Garden Valley, California.

"If a road's got paint,
it prob-ly ain't
anywhere I wanna be..."

Here's the exact spot on Hackomiller Road where this album's opening line was inspired.

BetsyAnderson (41K)

Our Garden Valley Mountain Market shares joy from June to September.

"Come an' meet your friendly neighbor
You'll be doin' you a favor
Come on out to the Mountain Market, Come on out..."

DavidCox (49K)

"...a big ole mess of flowers
from an old-time Mason jar..."

Child2 (33K)

theband (52K)
MessoFlowers (49K) BoredGirl (38K)

" can sing along a little..."

All of the songs are locally inspired.

I call "Me and My RV" my Eldon Song. He was our barber for over thirty years, and now drives a Class A motorhome.

We really do hold our dances at the I.O.O.F. Hall.

Reservoir Road, and our 55 mile Irrigation Ditch are real.

Our Single-wides and Double-wides are filled with hopes and dreams.

Our wildlife really does include all those sung about here.

And our Old Time Roses date back to the Gold Rush era.

Thanks for letting me and my musical partners share Garden Valley with you.

--Professor Marty

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